Affordable Solutions for Small Contact Centers


It is common knowledge that the management of the workforce is a must for call centers of all sizes. For senior centers, automated software programs for calculating and forecasting of programming. For most small schools, however, many systems management workforce are cost prohibitive. There are alternatives available to small centers.

The principle behind software management of labor is the same for all programs; however, there are subtle nuances that can make or break your efficiency and your budget. Before buying a management solution organized labor, look for these features to ensure you are getting the most benefit for your money:

Pay As You Go, and grow. Need predictable costs for budgeting purposes.

No long term commitment is required. You should not have to sign a long term contract, when their needs are certain to change over time. Look scalability to meet your growing needs.

Little or no IT required. Being required to have IT staff to manage their software against the purpose of the low-cost advantage.

No hardware to install and maintain. You should be able to access your software anywhere and anytime with an Internet connection. It should also offer full integration with the ACD.

Same features as an enterprise solution. Should receive the same benefits as a fully implemented system would offer.

Customizable access to only the functionality you need. Do not choose a solution of one size fits all. You choose the features and functions necessary for the center and do not pay for features you cannot use.

Security and full access privileges. Rest assured that your software is available only to authorized users.

Forecast and demonstrated advanced scheduling algorithms. Do not buy a hosted solution from a company that offers the best forecasting and scheduling software. Your hosted solution is no better than your complete business solution.

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