Advantages of hosted IVR Technology


Hosted IVR technology and its many benefits

Hosted IVR interactive voice response, is an innovative communication software allows human interaction with the computer-based platform, prompted by ordinary voice phone keypad. Many people are familiar with traditional IVR platforms, banks and other large call center operators have been used for many years. Hosted IVR for businesses of any size to provide a more streamlined option, because of their traditional counterparts different, it is a cloud-based, so it does not require expensive equipment is very user-friendly. Now, any business can take advantage of the power of IVR technology, this is the first time applies only to larger organizations.

Hosted IVR’s advantages

Cost-effective – the the traditional IVR is an expensive investment, due to the hardware and software requirements. Hosted IVR is a more cost-effective choice, because all you need is an Internet connection and telephone infrastructure. In addition, with DCDIAL, there is no contract, or start-up costs to worry about.

Reliable – Hosted IVR to provide protection, prevention of accidents and disasters, let your peace of mind, you come into contact with when the caller, they will be connected.

Custom – With a hosted IVR hears you in control of your calls, and how they interact, they call your organization. Your voice and / or keyboard prompt, each call will be redirected.

Scalability – Hosted IVR provides a flexible solution can be extended or down to meet your personalized business needs.

Feature-rich – Hosted IVR Solutions include a wide selection of innovative features, helping to create a powerful, interactive communication system, a small part of the cost of traditional IVR platform.

Hosted IVR solutions can provide dynamic, customized IVR can be achieved quickly, it will keep up with the ever-changing business needs. Use it to manage your incoming and outgoing calls, in order to optimize your contact center self-service options, or agency support activities. Whether your business telecommunications needs, a hosted IVR solution, is your best choice.