Advanced Contact Center Technology


A service department call center depends solely on the use of advanced technology. The use of modern technology not only makes their services easy but affordable too. Today, most call center companies offer a wide variety of services to consumers. Recent developments taking place in the call center technology have made it easier for small businesses to access the center solutions fast and effective calls. Because of this, small businesses can equip themselves with the latest tools to help them grow their business ventures deeper into a more efficient and faster way.

Using the latest technology to keep your potential customers associated with business solutions. It also helps improve the quality of services than ever before. For example, solutions of relationship management -CRM customers as required providing timely and accurate information to customers. This also causes about 100% of the business.

CRM solutions also help to improve the level of productivity through the development of relationships with customers ensuring high quality feedback. The innovative CRM software maintains large database of call center operations.

Support Customer Relationship Management helps to provide the best services in several ways, such as keeping call history, contact management, follow-up dates, appointment setting or programming, data import and export, etc.

Other major systems used in a call center are:

Interactive Voice Response System

The system IVR makes telemarketing services much easier, because it is the right way to handle calls automatically. By using the IVR process, the user will be able to analyze the call completion and percentage.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

The DCA is the system for controlling the distribution of calls, flowing from different destinations. Automatic call distribution is called the matrix followed to route calls in the various categories. The ACD system consistent with the summary of calls daily for alarms, agents, reports, call back support message.

Interaction Computer Telephony (CTI)

The interaction system and computer telephony (CTI) use computer applications such as UNIX, Windows and Web applications to control the entire phone system. The system makes use of CTI system universal phone to work with the system.

Some of the main services of CTI are transferring calls; receive incoming calls, voicemail retrieval by placing the external call recording and call history.

Predictive Dialers Predictive Dialing

The predictive dialing system is a one-call process. These switching dial and even call progress monitoring. The use of this advanced system can be useful for increasing productivity telemarketing. This also helps promote telemarketing, market research, debt collection, customer service and tracking.

Call Monitoring and Recording Solutions

This technology helps to improve customer service generally by remote calls, live monitoring, order entry, call history and 100% recording and call management. The system also offers search capabilities for complex recovery calls by date, phone number and the agent.

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