9 Tips to tackle Contact Center Challenges


Often times, even the most alert people fall victims to their own biases, attributions and assumptions, even the CEOs and the marketing heads. So, most of the times they happen to overestimate their effectivity. The Art Of Thinking Clearly by Rolf Dobelli is a wise read on the subject.

It is timelessly preferred to have a keen perception and a sensitive yet unemotional method of making a workforce function.

Here are 9 tips we at LeadsRain have compiled for you from over a decade of experience as an ITES and Cloud Contact Center Service providers to better an important unit of your workforce.

Don’t be myopic it will lead you nowhere but a pitfall let alone generating organic leads. Stay ahead of the curve and think from that point of vision give your clients preemptive support.

For e.g. if you are a Contact Center Service provider like us and a client of yours selects a month of bulk text messaging services, your contact center service delivery manager should provide them with a user’s manual on how to use the features effectively and note them about which tasks other customers have found difficult and ways to solve the same. This will reduce the chances of your customers calling you back frustrated.

Ask for feedback from your precious (regular) clients and solicit them for advice for they have been benefited by you and thus would pitch in frank suggestions.

Also introduce services that beseech for feedback after even the minutest of tasks from every customer, you can introduce them in your Call To Action services. This will help you generate valuable leads and also retain them.

Be malleable to change and inculcate the suggestions made by the people to you. Accept the fact that you can make mistakes and your agents can falter that’s only being human, so render your mistakes correct. Renowned public speaker and CEO of Brian Tracy International, Brian Tracy in his book The Psychology of Achievement created a term psycho-sclerosis which explains the rigidity of the mindset of people. The ones adaptable to change are more likely to succeed, as we all know.

Also, keep the negative feedback and contradictions closer, because they are a catalyst to growth.

Keep a balance between your inbound and outbound calls to create a dynamic word flow. Respond to the relevant customers the way they want to be responded to.

Integrate the inbound calls with CRM to generate or track leads. Most digital marketers make sure all inbound phone leads are integrated with a CRM retargeting tool and to make sure that each lead is retargeted with appropriate marketing strategy.

Keep Tracking important performances using KPI (Key Performance Indicator) so that you can alter your resources the way it benefits you and enhance your ROI. One can use spreadsheets, charts, plots, etc for these matter.

See the shuffle of ideologies brands pitch in emotionally, customers buy rationally, but react emotionally to the failure of product or services. Once your agents recognize this pattern they can stay aware and tackle upset prospects tactfully.

Be human-centric

With contact center agents:  Do not project your insecurities and pessimism on your agents, they are here for success thus there is no need to pressurize them for the same.

With customers: Renowned sociologist Arlie Hochschild coined the term ’emotional labor’ in 1983 describing the intangible duties of a worker, here a contact center agent.

Show genuine concern and just bear and grin to unpleasant customers. Contact Centers are a place where you conduct such emotional labor practices.

Convenience for the customers first According to a source 80% of the public of first world countries are dissatisfied with contact center services, because it isn’t human enough. Make sure not your customers feel the same. Ask yourself these questions to know if you are doing the profitable thing —

How is this particular agent doing at reflecting the ethics of the company to customers?

What can I do to help this agent get better at representing the company to customers?

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