How to Leave a Voicemail without Calling?

Leave a voicemail without calling

Are you unwilling to leave voicemails as it looks like a hassle? Luckily, in this FAQ edition, we will be focusing on a common query that many people have: How to leave a voicemail without actually making a call. 

Voicemails are like a digital answering machine for your phone. It is one of the most handy tools for catching up on missed calls or messages- when they aren’t picked up for some reason.

How Long can Voicemail be?

Great question! Well, the duration of a voicemail message can vary depending on various factors. Focusing on the duration of voicemail messages– the minimum time limit for a voicemail message is typically around 5 to 10 seconds. This allows you to leave a brief message or say a concise update quickly.

Conversely, the maximum time for voicemail messages can be about 60 seconds– for more detailed messages.

Still, there is not any specific industry standard for the length of voicemail messages. Many professionals and experts suggested that ‘KEEP VOICEMAILS SHORT’- Try to keep your voicemail message around 30 seconds or less.

How to Leave a Voicemail without calling using Ringless Voicemail Platform? 

Directly call up an unlimited contact list into the voicemail box—no conversation needed. It sends voicemail messages directly to the inbox without ringing the recipient’s phone. The technology is referred to as Ringless Voicemail a direct-to-voicemail software. Inversely, using ringless voicemail will prevent your recipient from not even getting a missed call alert, simply it’s more about sending a voicemail without calling them. 

Let’s walk through how to leave a Ringless voicemail; 

  • Start by signing up with LeadsRain Ringless Voicemail Software and Login.
  • Campaign Name. Start by naming your campaign to keep track of it easily. 
  • Specify the caller ID. Select a caller ID for your ringless voicemail campaign.
  • Select Voicemail message. Attach the voicemail file you want to send out. 
  • Upload phone number. Select the phone number data from a file, ensuring they are formatted correctly. 
  • Schedule campaign time. Timeline your campaign to go out at a specific time. 
  • Submit your campaign. Finally, review all the details and submit the campaign to start sending out your ringless voicemails.


It’s all about leaving voicemails with more confidence 80% of calls already go to voicemail. Believe me, the result of sending voicemails using ringless voicemail technology is a more straightforward way of approaching potential customers, coming with modern digital amenities! Remember, staying connected and communicating effectively is essential and with non-intrusive technology, you can deliver less intrusive marketing audio messages. Happy Voicemail leaving!

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