How can Healthcare Industry use Text Messages?

Text Message service for Healthcare Industry

During the pandemic, every sector found something new within their industry, but the only industry that found so many bottlenecks at the same time opportunities is the Healthcare industry. At many places, they felt the need for digital transformation, and that is where it requires an approach that makes their communication digitally vibrant.

They need to manage the distancing but can not cut the communication; they need to stay constantly connected with their suppliers, stakeholders, and customers. That is where SMS has done wonders for them.

SMS usage in a range of health-related fields has allowed for more flexibility in medical practice in recent years. Short Message Service (SMS) alerts and messages have become an essential instrument in the day-to-day operations of hospitals and medical centers.

Don’t Forget to Stay HIPPA Compliant while using Text Messaging

Text messages are routed through multiple carriers. The data is then stored at “rest” on the precise handsets that received the messages, rather than servers or service providers. Mobile devices can be lost or stolen, exposing PHI to unauthorized access and exposing individuals to identity theft. As a result, text messages are not completely HIPAA-compliant, but some use cases can be definitely there where Text Messages is compliant under HIPPA.

Let’s see how healthcare organizations can use text messaging within the compliance framework.

How Healthcare Centers can improve Productivity with Text Messages?

The normal healthcare business aims to facilitate administration, patient care, and implementing marketing plans. Healthcare and Medical centers are majorly focused nowadays on improved patient relationships, strong internal and external communication with the inhouse teams, medical centers, internal departments, pharmacies, and of course, patients.

Let’s see how Healthcare centers can use Text messages;

Automated Appointment Scheduling and Reminders

Because of its high delivery and opening rates, SMS messaging is the easiest and most efficient way for a medical facility to communicate with its patients. Automating visit scheduling, which works by sending appointment reminders via SMS, relieves employees of administrative burdens while saving money on phone expenses.

Improved Time management

Another advantage is improved time management. Appointment reminders sent by SMS can provide patients with important information such as the location, date, and time of their appointment right away.

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Digital Prescriptions and Medical Advisories

SMS marketing is a handy tool for connecting medical history to an SMS programming tool and setting SMS messages with information entered into the appropriate fields on a patient’s medical card. Based on the data stored, Medicare centers can send the E-prescription and Medical advice to their patients.

Repeat Prescription and Purchase Reminders

Because the database and SMS platforms are linked, hospitals may set up reminders to remind patients to take their medication, when their prescription expires, when they need to pick up medication from the pharmacy or medical facility, or when they need to discontinue taking prescribed medication.

Reduced Waiting Timeline for Diagnostic Centers

Medical centers that suffer from chronically long patient wait times can better manage their time using the SMS platform. This money would be put straight into lowering administrative and communication expenditures.

Follow-up Treatments

Every patient requires a distinct type of follow-up care. Some people don’t need to go to the doctor because their condition doesn’t necessitate it. You may get quick and easy feedback from patients by using bidirectional SMS (for example, a simple YES or NO). Medical personnel can use this technique to determine whether or not they need to schedule another appointment for the patient.

Improved Customer Service

Medical centers can collect information on the standard of care patients receive or particular information about their health by establishing a bi-directional channel. By providing a quick and effective communication mechanism, SMS messaging can help to improve services.

Here is your Healthy Discharge Note..!!

Every industry is learning new things nowadays, as everywhere new normals are changing. Healthcare is also one of them and, in fact, the most affected one also. But, the most important thing is they need to change their approach and increase their adaptability to digitize their operations. To discuss how Bulk SMS can turn the table for healthcare organizations, reach our team at or book your appointment with our experts now.



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