What is Remote Sales?

what is remote sales

Encouraging sales representatives to reach out to prospects and conclude engagements from any place in the world. Know how? Remote selling isn’t a recent idea. One type of remote selling is cold calling, which has been performed for a lengthy period.

More than 50% of sales agents conducted their sales activities remotely over in-person engagements.

I am confident that remote sales have been extremely a hit, yet they are also entirely taking over the sales market.

What is remote selling? 

Sales reps can work remotely and independently of an everyday place of work owing to remote selling. A  combination of digital tools and technology enables these intelligent tactics to negate the need for face-to-face meetings to connect with prospects, establish rapport, and close deals.

When the seller and the potential buyer are not in the same spot at the same time across the sales process, it is known as remote sales. Telephone, video chat, email, and social media are all feasible choices for conducting remote sales.

The Benefits of Remote Sales 

Benefits of remote selling for sales representatives and companies include better mobility and work-life balance, less money spent, and exposure to a wider global market.

  • Sales reps can work from anywhere, allowing for a better work-life balance. 
  • Cuts down the cost of commercial space, utilities, and travel expenses. 
  • Can reach a wider audience without being limited by geographical boundaries. 
  • Allows personalized interactions with customers via virtual meetings/emails/communication channels. 
  • More controls over schedules, allowing them to balance work commitments. 

How can you Manage Remote Selling? 

The four insider recommendations listed below might help you manage remote sales effectively. Some concrete knowledge is required to develop a strong and effective remote sales team. 

Utilize technology

Make Invest in reliable communication and sales management tools such as cloud sales dialer software, AI chat tool and many more to facilitate seamless interactions with clients like omnichannel marketing, CRM systems, and video conferencing systems. 

Provide ongoing training & support

Help remote sales teams to stay updated on product knowledge, and sales techniques for making out sales remotely. 

Encourage collaboration

Create a collaborative climate to access a sense of camaraderie and teamwork. 

Invest in security

Implement robust security measures to safeguard sensitive customer data, and mitigate risk associated with remote selling. 

It may sometimes be tricky to develop a personal connection when conducting business remotely.  But according to Dr. Albert Mehrabian’s book Silent Messages (1971), communication between a salesperson and a prospect is:

  1. 7% spoken words
  2. 38% tone of voice
  3. And 55% body language

Understanding the Psychology of Remote Selling

A successful sales activity demands a solid grounding in the psychology of remote selling. To aid small businesses in interacting productively with clients and prospects, it is important to have an excellent grasp of their psychology. Understanding the behavioral, emotional, and cognitive components that affect buyer-seller interactions in a virtual climate should be addressed. Even while networking events, email attacks, and cold calling were successful, they are now no longer feasible at this point.

They demand specialization in guidelines and active participation. Remote salespeople must switch to an omnichannel method of dealing with prospects, that encompasses digital and video sales, to succeed at remote selling.


Proper communication tools, qualified staff, and a dedication to continual growth are all essential components of an integrated plan for remote selling. Almost all businesses presently require to be equipped with advanced automation capabilities and communication systems to be ready for remote sales.


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