What is Call Whispering? – Meaning, Purpose, and Benefits

What is Call Whispering

A “Call Whisper” is a coaching technique used by call center managers to direct their call team members when they speak with prospects or clients. While it’s impractical to stand over each call agent’s shoulder and direct them on what to say, it is possible to use digital applications to discreetly give advice and hints to a call agent at key points throughout a call.

The finest sales call technique up until recently consisted mostly of calling as many numbers as possible and hoping the salesman would be able to deliver the appropriate line at the right moment to entice a quality prospect.

CRM, integrated sales software, and a cloud-based dialer system work together to improve sales techniques and speed up the process of moving leads through the sales funnel. Call whispering is a useful feature that boosts sales metrics by assisting in the real-time coaching of call agents.

What is Call Whispering?

Call whispering is a feature in call center software that allows a supervisor or manager to listen in on a live customer call without the customer or the agent being aware of their presence.

During the call, the supervisor can provide the agent with real-time coaching or guidance without interrupting the conversation between the agent and the customer. This can be useful in situations where the agent is new to the job, dealing with a difficult customer, or handling a complex issue that requires additional support.

How is Call Whispering Beneficial for Call Centre Quality Assurance?

1. Improved Agent Training

Call whispering allows supervisors to train new agents by providing real-time feedback and coaching during calls. They can give agents guidance on how to handle difficult situations or provide additional information to help them better serve the customer.

2. Enhanced Quality Control

Supervisors can monitor calls for quality control purposes, ensuring that agents are following company policies and procedures and providing excellent customer service. They can also use this feature to identify areas where additional training may be needed.

3. Increased Customer Satisfaction

By coaching agents during calls, supervisors can help resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

4. Higher Productivity

Call whispering can help reduce the time agents spend on calls by providing them with the information and guidance they need to handle the call effectively.

In a nutshell,

Call whispering is a powerful tool that can help call centers improve their operations and provide better service to their customers. By providing real-time feedback and coaching to agents, supervisors can help them develop their skills and deliver exceptional customer service.


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