What is a CATI Integrated Dialer?

What is a CATI integrated Dialer

Traditional telephone interviews are tedious and time-consuming, especially in the case of a large number of candidates. If you follow the traditional telephone interview method, your teams’ enormous amount of time will be spent. And also, the accuracy level of the team might get affected.

In this scenario, CATI integrated dialer is one of the best alternatives for telephonic interviews or telephone surveys. CATI is basically a Computer-assisted-telephone interviewing module that can be integrated with a Predictive dialer.

How does it work?

After integration with the dialer, interviewers will be given a set of questions in the software. In CATI integrated dialer, interviewers don’t have to spend their time dialing candidates. The dialer does it for them. They have to spend their time responding to them and making notes as per the candidates’ answers.

Every interviewer will have the same questionnaire format. So a structured interview process will be set. Interviewers love CATI integrated dialer because of the following features:

Why CATI integrated dialer?

1 Maximize productivity

CATI integrated dialer saves a lot of time for interviewers. It helps to increase the productivity of interviewers as well. They don’t have to remember every answer of the candidate. With a simple note feature, they can save all the details in CATI integrated dialer itself.

2 Free from geographical boundaries

Once the easy setup is done of CATI Integrated dialer, your interviewers can work from anywhere with just an internet connection.

They don’t even need deep technical knowledge to utilize this dialer. With a quick understanding, your team will be ready to take thousands of interviews at rapid speed with CATI integrated dialer.

3 Reach more with more features

Think about calling 1000 candidates manually, and the time it takes to do so. With CATI integrated dialer, you can speed up the interview process as the dialer does all the work.

According to the time zone, you can also set the fixed timing for calling candidates in specific countries. To know more amazing features, get in touch with our Support team.


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