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An Auto Dialer designed to deliver more human connected calls by avoiding, Non-responsive and Bad leads and Answering Machine Call, to gear up your team’s productivity

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Cloud Predictive Dialer

Cloud based Dialer Features

Call Blending

Call Blending

Connect your potential customer via Outbound and Inbound calls within same platform

Follow the Sun Dialing

Follow the Sun Dialing

Manage all Time Zones automatically with Smart Dialer that matches call time with respective time zone

Call to Email

Call to Email

Stay in touch with your prospects even after the call by sending a preset Email template

Call to SMS

Call to SMS

Follow-up with customers after the call by sending them necessary links or details through an SMS

Skill based Routing

Skill based Routing

Prioritize your Call Transfers to the best of your Closer to Generate more Successful Deals

Drop Voicemail on Answering Machine

Drop Voicemail on Answering Machine

Why to just hang-up when a customer is not available? Leave them with a Preset Voicemail when you reach an Answering Machine

Outbound Sales Dialer

Plan and Execute your Outbound Sales Campaigns with a Cloud based Auto Dialer. Maximize your Outreach by calling every single contact on your list with a feature rich web based dialer and gear up your sales.

Web Based Dialer

Virtual Call Center Software

Build your Virtual Call Centre with Cloud based Predictive Dialer where your Reps can access the platform and make calls from anywhere in the world with few common handy tools. Reduce the Dependency of a Physical place. Keep safe distance and still keep your team on the floor virtually while Work From Home, A New Normal for the World.

Out Bound Sales Dialer

Cloud Contact Center Software

Reduce your cost of on premise Dialer and get relief from all the bottlenecks by taking your Contact Center on Cloud with a Cloud based Auto Dialer. Build your team outside a Geographic dependency. Hire Best of the Reps from anywhere in the world for a Sky-High Productivity.

Cloud Contact Center Solution

How Cloud-Based Dialer works?

  • Dial Calls Automatically from the List you upload

  • Predicts whether connected call is Human or Answering Machine

  • Auto Dispose Machine calls

  • Connects Human calls with Available Agents

Web Based Dialer

Tour the Predictive Dialer

The predictive dialer can be highly customized based on your needs. Due to the dashboard’s complex nature, we have designed a special “wizard” feature that includes all that you need to get the campaign started.

The dialer campaign is easy to create and manage. All you have to do is input the necessary details that you want in your campaign and the auto-dialer is good to go.

Here we give you the report of the agents engaged with the campaign. Their current status and their task at hand. The color helps you distinguish between the statuses of the agents.

Popular Appraisals

I've been using these guys for years! They are simply awesome at what they do! Best dialer in the biz, hands down!

Will s.

Will S.

Leadsrain is one of the most proficient companies providing peculiar cloud-based auto dialers and predictive dialers.

William J.

William J.

We've been using LeadsRain's dialer service for almost two years now, and we're very satisfied.

Sandra Darrin S.

Sandra Darrin S.


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Pricing FAQs

Predictive Dialer predictive whether call is connected with Human or Answering machine and connect only human calls with agents while Power Dialer dials fixed amount of calls per agent and make sure that agents don’t get wait time.
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Yes, if you keep the answering machine detection off in a predictive dialer, it will work like a Power dialer but power dialer can not predict whether a call is connected to a human or machine.
No, LeadsRain works on Web based Dialer where you don’t need any softphone, though in case you want to use a softphone you can.
Yes, 3way call is completely possible. To know more contact our support team on
Yes, You can run both Outbound and Inbound calling campaigns with LeadsRain’s Predictive Dialer.
No, the charges for dialing Canada will be the same as the US calling prices. To know more check our pricing section.
No, There are no fixed monthly charges. We work on Pay as you go pricing where all the agents can use the same credits the same time.
Yes, we do provide Local Caller IDs at an additional cost of $10 per number per month to create a local presence.

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