Top 10 ways Cloud communications can help your business


Last week, we did a comprehensive overview of what is cloud computing technology, as well as some commonly used terms. This week, we thought we will delve deeper, to look at how this incredible technology can really benefit your business, especially in the cloud communications. There are 10 kinds of communication in the cloud, you can put your business to a new level.

The low cost of ownership and – With cloud communication system, you do not need to house expensive phone equipment. All you need is a computer, telephone and Internet connection, you might already have!

Do not need to hire in-house IT support – because you will not have to worry about huge phone equipment, but also there is no need to pay a professional to maintain the system. On the contrary, all maintenance behind the scenes deal with your ISP.

Scalability – the goal of any successful enterprise is growing, but the tricky part is to do so and did not produce too much cost. Cloud communication is easy to extend upward (or downward), with little or no increase in cost.

Lower capital expenditure – the traditional call center telephone system may cost up to $ 120,000. Intense contrast, cloud computing system phone may run only 1200 yuan. Just think of the savings!

Mobility – no doubt – we live in an increasingly mobile society. Today, business people need flexibility, able to stay connected, even if they are on the road. Cloud PBX to provide this capability. Business phone anywhere – in your office, home or mobile, and stay connected anywhere, anytime.

Worry-free upgrade – there is one thing about the technology – it is always changing. The cloud communications Beautiful seamlessly handle all your service providers to upgrade and update.

Business continuity what would happen if there was a fire, flood or earthquake is located in your office? If the power is knocked down by a long period of time in your area? With cloud communications companies can continue as usual, here the system is in a secure off-site data center. Everyone has to do is call the transmission to unaffected position for your business !

Rich set of features / characteristics – the cloud communications with micro, small and medium-sized enterprises of advanced features and functionality, this is a once only applies to large-scale enterprises. Now businesses of any size can take advantage of the tools, such as hosted IVR and SMS text messages to a new level, in order to improve communication and make the business.

Professional – if you want to make it in today’s competitive business world, you must present a professional image for your clients and colleagues. Free telephone number of functions, such as real-time to provide a higher level of professionalism.

Shift the focus to more important things – as a busy professional, you have enough reason to worry about without having to concern about the management of complex communications systems. Cloud technology allows you to shift your focus on more important things, such as more and more companies!

When it comes to the benefits of cloud communication technology are endless. These are just a small part of the numerous methods, this innovative tool can help your business to a new level. Questions? Want more information? Contact us!