Solutions for Contact Centers


Call centers tend to work exclusively in the sale of internal sales or telesales . So what would be an innovative solution for the call centers work best? In short, it is a marker that provides the solution for increased productivity and sales in a telesales call center environment . For call centers that are aiming to reach consumers , or even other companies , a marker has features that can greatly benefit your business.

Auto Dialer

An auto dialer is perhaps the best marker option for call centers , offering the highest number of calls made with the least amount of inconvenience . Unlike a predictive marker , a marker of relationship allows the call center manager to set the ratio of calls made simultaneously. This number is based on the number of sales agents the call center needs and the ratio of calls that can handle at any given time. By controlling the ratio of dialed numbers, the manager can try to control and limit the likelihood of consumers abandoned calls or waiting for a sales agent available.

The proportion of net allows sales agents to make around 400 calls per day , which in some cases triple or quadruple the number of contact attempts currently being made by sales agents. This marked increase in sales agent calls gives the power to be more productive and achieve what previously could do in about 8 hours , in about 2-3 hours with a marker.

Power Dialer

Another powerful marker for call centers is a power tuner . This type of marker is best suited for B2B call centers . The net energy can increase the number of calls that the agent makes sales per day , but does not reach the high amount of calls with common ratio bookmark. However, power net also completely eliminates the call drop rate . This is crucial when you call to potential client companies , when all tracks is valuable and not to be missed . In addition, B2B calls require that the sales agent to reach the ” decision maker ” or “guardian ” who is the person who has the power to make buying decisions .

The net energy puts the sales agent in the call control . It saves time by eliminating manual dialing, hanging up, and other manual tasks . The net power allows the agent to hear the phone ringing on the other end , ready when someone replies. The agent is at its best with the result of power because they know exactly when someone answers , which is not always the case with other dialers .

Power Tools

It dialers working with CRM software is attached with automated power tools that help sales agents more productive and complete tasks quickly and easily . For example , sales agents have the power to pre – record voice messages and leave a specific voice mail at the touch of a button while moving to the next call . This process saves several minutes for each mailbox manually have stayed. Then the sales agent has the power to accomplish the tasks promised quickly, even while on the phone. For example, sales agents can send emails and faxes while on the phone . They can also save time by quickly adding notes in the CRM software supplied.

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