Small Contact Center for Enterprise Buzz to Connect


Reflecting on last week and the time spent at Enterprise Connect, I can not stop thinking about all the conversations I’ve participated in the unmet needs of small contact centers. The # 1 question at the show was about how a small contact center can possibly compete with the “big” meeting the same standards of service that is expected to do so with limited resources. Many wondered if the cloud can help meet this challenge.

For those who may not be aware, 65% of contact centers in the world have less than 50 players, which means that more than half of contact centers in the world have been able to offer the same customer experience exceptional as their larger counterparts. However, if you drive a small contact center that is familiar with this fight. Here are some questions that managers of small contact centers can respond to help determine if you would benefit from a cloud-based solution.

Do you find it difficult to offer the same level of service as large contact centers do?
You provide outstanding customer service a priority, and would differentiate your business?
Has hiring agents “right” and emphasizing the training of agents gone as far as it can go?
Would you like to be able to deploy new technologies and capabilities more quickly?
Have you often say no to the company due to lack of resources or expertise?
Is it difficult to find fully functional, market-leading solutions that fit your budget small center?
Do I need to be up and running quickly?

If you are looking for ways to level the playing field between you and the “big”, I encourage you to read the briefing notes, “A practical guide to understand if the cloud is right for your Contact Center Small”, to see if the cloud can help do that. Take a few minutes to complete the survey at the document and see how your score.

My guess is that you will find that the cloud is an effective way to leverage the unique strengths and inherent small contact centers have – speed and agility, entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to develop meaningful relationships – to gain the upper service client.

For more information about how cloud based auto dialer solutions and cloud based contact center may work for your small business, visit the