How to Run Contact Center Successfully?


Call centers have become compulsory and indispensable part of industries. From SMEs to Fortune 500 companies, services call centers have become a way to keep the costs under control factors and maximize ROI. There were times that call centers are a single task and restricted to calling only. Now, with the increased pressure of work and the tendency to become global, call centers have been forced to offer various services and wide range of software application development for B2B telemarketing and outsourcing finance and administration management infrastructure.

However, managing this customer service is not an easy task. Patience, social skills, technology and a great team to optimize operations in a better way is needed. Services 24×7 @ 365 days, a lot of sales pressure, attrition rates and competition can wreak havoc on the aspirations of running a successful company until handled with prudent management perspective. Here in this article are some quick facts that may be termed ingredients of successful organization.

1) Power: people are the backbone of any call center. Whether small department, single level or multi- level operation. The other two strong technology and process knowledge elements must be attached with appropriate people with the right skills.

2) Technology Talks: Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM), Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Computer Technology Integration () Process CTI are some of the names who now rule the scene. With the advent of these technologies, outsourcing call center have become increasingly easier to manage.

3) Management: The process centers on input and output can be considered holistic customer communications. From calling telemarketing, taking assessments and address the complaints of hundreds and thousands of callers needed expertise. Only an expert management team can ensure the smooth and efficient operation.

What risks can arise?

1) People Risk: Dropout rates can break the bones of any business process outsourcing business. Job hoppers or bored agents are useless and cannot do any good to the organization in any way.

2) Technology Risks: Fires, floods, power or system failure and data loss can sap the strength out of any organizational structure.

3) Risk Management: The minimum team management experience and knowledge of business continuity business can only be dumped. Board together with technology and labor can result in better delivery of services and solid business strategy.

What can be done?

The company can be really popular with customers and the masses if you tend to go a step further to provide excellent quality oriented services. A call center provider of outsourcing services should be equally entitled to the above factors. To this end, call centers are advised to select candidates strictly on skills and language proficiency. Technology should be reinforced by the redundant power and secure infrastructure. Management should keep an eye on market movements.

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