Ringless Voicemail- A Powerful way of reaching out to Customers without constant interruptions

Ringless Voicemail


Your method of sales not giving your desired results? Are you having sleepless nights over this issue? Worry no more. Just read on, we got you covered!

Your main aim is to deliver your message to your customer in the best possible way to make them curious about your product and ultimately leading to making a purchase. Generally, what happens when you contact your customers, they either put you on hold, or your message ends up in the voicemail and is never returned? Even if they pick up your call, you have to verbally repeat your message to make them understand your point making it even more confusing for the customers. All these activities are a huge waste of time both for you as well as your customers.

As a consequence, it costs you money and delays your sales cycle. Looking from the sales perspective, it is a numbers game. The more calls you make, the more are the chances of making a sale. In today’s world, it is getting more and more difficult to reach your customers.

But you have to try, right? So why not use a better solution!

All of the above problems can be solved with the use of Ringless Voicemail. It is an effective, non-intrusive, fast and low-cost way to communicate with your customers. With Ringless Voicemail focus on what you do best by eliminating all time-consuming, repetitive tasks.

Ringless Voicemail is the smarter way of delivering your message with no rings, no interruptions, no missed information, only notification! The recipient can listen to your message when it is convenient. With this, you are more likely to get the message through to the person you want it to reach. Since an actual phone call is never made, it doesn’t use any of the recipient’s minutes plan. Within a single message, you can give customers all the information they need about your brand, business, or product for their reference in a clear and organized way.

LeadsRain’s Ringless Voicemail services promise you 85% success rate of reaching mobile phones. With our services, accelerate your outbound sales campaigns by sending out hundreds and thousands of Ringless Voicemail messages within minutes and only pay for the Ringless Voicemail messages that are delivered successfully.

Still not convinced? Look at it this way:

If you invest say, $400 to reach 1,000 customers, and 150 of them call you asking about your product or service, can you close enough business to make LeadsRain’s Ringless Voicemail services profitable? We bet you can because others are using it successfully at the time you are reading this.