How to Maximize the ROI of Your Ringless Voicemail Campaign

Maximize the ROI of Your Ringless Voicemail Campaign

Regardless of business size, marketing is essential to the growth and success of your company. Good marketing helps your brand reach more people. To do well today, though, you need more than just the old tried and true methods. You need to consider setting up a ringless voicemail campaign.

Why Ringless Voicemail is an ROI-driven Approach?

Few people enjoy making cold calls and fewer still want to receive them. Fortunately, technology has helped us advance to the point where we no longer need them. Ringless voicemail is a better option, and it is potentially far more profitable when done correctly.

When you invest in a ringless voicemail campaign, you will start reaching more people with very little effort on your part. You will also find that it’s a lot faster than traditional cold calling.

Voicemails put less pressure and stress on the recipient, too. With cold calls, most people are simply trying to figure out how to get off the phone with your team as fast as possible. They see those types of calls as intrusions. Voicemails give the recipient more control and they can take their time to process the message.

Ringless voicemail reduces the amount of calling your sales team has to do. Instead, they can receive calls and emails from interested parties who received the voicemail. Those who reach out are already interested in what you have to offer. They are high-quality leads, which makes moving forward with them easier for your salespeople.

When you are developing a marketing campaign, don’t ignore the potential offered with ringless voicemail. Just make sure you implement it the right way.

Tips to Make Your Ringless Voicemail More Effective and ROI Driven

Although ringless voicemail has a lot of benefits, it will only work for you when you use it the right way. Below are some tips to keep in mind while you are developing your campaign and messages.

Be Clear and to the Point Without Being Too Salesy

When creating the script for your messages, be sure it is easy to understand and that it gets to the point quickly. The recipient needs to know who you are, why you are calling, and how it can benefit them.

You need a persuasive call to action at the end of the message. You could request that they call you if they have questions and want to learn more, for example. You could also encourage them to visit your site.

Keep in mind the tone of the messages. They should be friendly and not overly sales-pushy. Even with voicemail, people don’t like feeling as though you are constantly trying to get them to open their wallets.

Make Sure the Voicemails Sound Human

If you are using voice AI to create the messages, make sure that it still sounds as though it is coming from an actual person rather than a bot. People are likelier to listen to the full message when they feel it’s a human on the other end.

If you use actual recordings of a person to send the messages, they need to sound less rehearsed and more natural, even when reading from a script.

The Voicemails Should Be Short

It might be tempting to send long voicemails in the belief it will provide the recipient with more information. However, most people aren’t going to listen to a long-winded message. They will just hang up and delete the message.

Therefore, you want to keep your messages as short as possible. The best practice is to ensure they are around 30 seconds or less.

Don’t Forget to Send a Follow-Up Message

After the first message, make sure you send a follow-up. It could be sent shortly after the first message, adding anything else you might feel is important or necessary. You can keep this message even shorter than the first, but always remember to include another CTA.

Consider the Timing of the Message

Telemarketing is ineffective when it causes an interruption for the customers. Therefore, you must prioritize the perfect timing when you are sending out voicemails. Even when voiceless messages can be sent without disrupting people, you have to consider the best time of day to send them.

Generally, mornings and evenings are the best time of the day because people aren’t as busy. Additionally, send the messages during the middle of the week rather than on a Monday or the weekend. On Mondays, people are generally thinking about work, not your voicemails. On the weekends, they spend time with family and friends and don’t want to be interrupted.

Experiment with when you are sending out your messages to find the ideal time to reach your target audience.

Listen to the Messages

Before you start using these messages in a marketing campaign, take the time to listen to them. Make sure they are short, clear, and get to the point. Make sure the volume setting is correct, as well. It needs to be loud enough to be heard without being too loud. Have a few others listen, as well, to ensure there aren’t any problems.

Follow the TCPA Guidelines

As fantastic as ringless voicemail marketing is, you need to be sure you are complying with all of your state and federal laws. Your usage should follow the guidelines of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Also, check the calls you are making against the Do Not Call registry. Certain software can help you to stay updated and in compliance with the latest regulations regarding telemarketing.

So What are you waiting for..?? Start Building a Ringless Voicemail Campaign Today..!!

Now that you know some of the benefits of ringless voicemail, along with tips on how to get the messaging right, it’s time to execute it. Whether you are using a third party to handle the voicemail or specialized software, take the time to vet their effectiveness. Connect with our experts at or Schedule a Demo to learn more about the options and tools and find a solution that is easy to implement and will provide you with the biggest return on investment.