How hosted IVR solution Improve your companies efficiency?


A very simple way to measure how effective hosted IVR will improve efficiency, from suppliers reviews the case study. Case study is to simply use the experiment conducted by a participant. An experiment that follows the traditional scientific methods, the findings cannot generalize. However, the purpose of these studies is the result of changes in how specific applications and solutions, and the real problem.

In this article, we will review some of the episode, or short-term study, to deploy voice response solutions, companies involved in the demand for a specific application:

Order Processing

Scheduling and Delivery

Customer service

When you read through the following hosted IVR Case study, it is found to provide everyone with a real world example, to improve efficiency.

National retailer to select the automation needs of its call artificial intelligence.

Retailers rely on a simple touch of the IVR system in this country, in addition to a live agent handling customer calls. However, the increase in calls and retailers realize that it is possible to handle more calls in the most effective way to provide artificial intelligence and automation systems. The orders of the company are a long-term and repeated. Their old automation systems. However, with voice response technology, an open syntax solutions are used to identify the various reactions, thereby reducing customer frustration. The company saw 62% call processing, switching, when compared to the previous system, only 15 per cent. Call system now has the ability to handle 3,000 calls a day, and can be reduced by half transferred to the carrier.

Direct marketing to build a scalable, profitable call center, virtual agent

This direct marketing existed in the country hope to improve its customer service operations. Its goal is to increase the number of calls it can handle, and generate more revenue, call center activities. In addition, a new telephone system, were installed in the virtual agency doubled in just six months of income. The company is able to improve the quality of customer service, while reducing the cost of live agent.

Pest control reservation system to handle more calls with Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

One of the IVR system brings challenges is to make an appointment. Care of most of the company’s dating scene agent. However, AGI, artificial intelligence and natural language capabilities can help make your customers more satisfied, and save time. The company aims to complete the call rate is 30%, however, AGI increased to 68%.

Automation and IVR hosting of transportation companies call delivery confirmation

Transport Company approached hosted voice broadcasting software with customer friendly and cost-effective solutions for outbound telephone survey. After deployment, 94% of the people asked to investigate new service the needs of natural language and intellectual. This led to more than 85% of the success of the call delivery confirmation. Achieved a great success rate, but without the use of the calling operator, thereby reducing the cost.

Call the automated control system to help field technicians operating Close work orders

The company’s technical staff can call about the customer’s specific procedures and the implementation of their order. This is the order situation is complex, ever-changing, also. The moment, they can call the sequence of orders for a phone number and call automation services through the implementation of a specific program. This has led to the successful execution of the work order of 96% talk time, while reducing by 67%.

With more and more companies are looking for ways to improve the caller experience with the help of technology, it becomes increasingly difficult reality separate hype. Case studies in the review of the vendor’s help, it is important to keep in mind, is defined as a participant in the experiment involved case studies. Part of the case study, a greater range considered to be the most helpful.