Hosted Call Center


Many companies want to discover the top rated hosted call center for lead generation and sales. The exploration of the many call centers hosted on the marketing can create more confusion than clarity . When we were we surprised how few of the hosted call center lived up to their promises this issue of research for some of our customers.

First, we eliminated from consideration each hosted call center , which did not allow for a free trial . Our conclusion was that this industry should show from the possibility of their system, when a value of showing off are encouraged . Our thinking was that , even if the attempt was only 2 or 3 days , which would be sufficient for testing.

We tested the hosted call center software to see how effective their dialer. We wanted to ensure that the predictive dialer was the agent time on live calls with simultaneous minimization of the persons referred to maximize time in the queue . Many of the companies failed this test with some of the most famous companies.

We tested to make sure they had all the qualities that were important to our customers , the web-based systems . These functions range from ability to make calls , callback functions , scheduling, lead tracking functions , etc. are provided on only a few of the key features available Some systems , while others take many or all of them.

The next consideration was cost and ease of integration. Some systems performed well in our tests, but not to justify the high price. Others still too difficult to set good performance and integrate.

We tested systems of many of the known companies and some of the lesser known companies. Although we , one of the big companies would expected to come out on top , that was not the case. We were offered very pleased with the call center hosted option Safe Soft Solutions . The predictive dialer the highest achieved in our tests. The system was also tested all of the features as much and offered them the best price of all persons.

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