Contact Centre Incorporates Speech Analytics Tool


The services offered by the call center companies requires much skill and efficiency. That is the reason behind the use of the latest technology by these companies, and analysis of voice is one of them. This technology has become very popular in a short span of time and found BPO companies to benefit from it. These tools are very important for call center agents in terms of providing the right kind of customer support services. The tools allow BPO agents to use the raw data from customer interactions to acquire a rare knowledge of customers. This knowledge base helps them prepare for appropriate responses to customer inquiries in a quick and efficient solutions.

The “Speech Analytics” software can give your call center company a competitive edge among other competitors. Proper use of the software can definitely guarantee with promising results in terms of your business. The main advantage of the software is that it helps the call center to improve their customer services. Thus, customers pick a better experience when called up on your business and leave behind the good opinions. This allows your business to gain more customers in the future.

Analysis of conversation extracts and analyzes the audio data in order to identify stress or emotions in the voice of the customer, his purpose of calling and many other things. The call center agents are able to understand the needs of their clients with great ease and perfection, and resolve accordingly. Even the technology is fairly new; Experts reveal that the popularity of this software is rapidly growing in the market. This tool is being implemented by most BPO companies today, in order to improve their services. The rate of implementation of this program has increased significantly from 2007 to 2009.

The voice analysis software is being used by managers of call centers to track their agents and clients side by side. The agent performance can also be checked with the help of this technology. Speech Analysis can also be used for training BPO employees to improve call resolution and minimize call volumes too. The performance of each and every individual one can be recorded and managed, which leads to an increase in the quality of services for all parties. The software helps minimize the cost of your call center by looking for various cost reduction measures. It shows you how to spend less money on generating additional revenue. Therefore, the software is very beneficial for BPO company in these times of economic recession.

Voice analysis is a great tool for customer service agents to distinguish opportunities cross-selling and up-selling, the customer calls. This will lead to increased sales and conversion rates for your business, therefore, to enjoy more benefits. The software can also be used to learn about the impact of any specific cross-selling or selling at the level of customer satisfaction up.

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