Predictive Dialer: Contact Center Management


It does not need to know an agent that a call center job is stressful work. In fact, if you were to ask an agent from any Philippine call center, the same problems in their work would be mentioned.

Call centers have essentially become one of the largest and ubiquitous parts of nearly every company around the world. It is currently a crucial role, not only between customers and companies, but also the relationship from company to company. A study claims that most call center experience poor performance. This is not surprising due to the nature of the work. With the heavy burden of keeping smoothly and explains the sometimes complicated rules and regulations in terms of products and services to individuals on the phone , call centers find it best to fix most of them through the use of powerful software. In bird’s eye view, the general opinion about call center has suffered a significant, large decline in recent years.

This is not without remedy though, as there is more than just a number of ways to improve on the service especially on the management side of the business. As mentioned earlier, perhaps the best way is through software. To point out, no software use does not have to be expensive, but most of the time, it’s expensive, which may prove effective. Therefore, knowing what to tackle and solve problems would be the basic answer to these problems is. The trend is reversed when the administration of people can gain professional support and learn new methods and procedures to be added with the company system. However, to know what problems are crucial addresses.

Here are two of the most common problems that all Philippine call center encounters in their daily work:

First Absent. The rate of absenteeism in these call center agencies is higher than in most industries , which are primarily , most of these problems can be avoided, perhaps rooted on several other factors such as health problems , slowness , lack of motivation , the proximity of the organization, etc. if the manager can motivate , stimulate and induce a healthy, competitive lifestyle in the office. With small competitions with incentives can do a lot of motivation for some? For people who have health problems, a good prospect of a better HMO would be much to do for them. Those who live far away from the office should be disciplined to avoid with a strict policy to slowness. Strict adherence will certainly lead to an increase in the productivity of the agent.

Second Abandoned and answered calls. While there are some things that need to call center agent, to explain most of the questions that the representative answers satisfactory enough for the person on the line. Finally, such calls also lead abandoned calls. This is when the customer either hangs up or is unhappy or left still with the product or service and the predicament they is in. This lowers the productivity of the company aims to confuse the customer satisfaction. More training in relation to the calls is, perhaps, that in an acceptable way to avoid this.

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