Computerized Predictive Dialing System


A Predictive Dialer is a computerized system that dials batches of telephone numbers that relate to agents assigned to sales or other campaigns automatically. Used widely and predictive dialers in call centers.

The signs of advanced predictive auto dialer. While the auto dialer basic automatically dials phone numbers just to call center agents who are idle or waiting for a call, uses student predictive variety of algorithms to predict the availability of each of the agents and called for Answers Party, adjust the calling process to the number of agents that are expected to be available or predict when are answered calls.

And predictive monitoring the student’s answers calls imposed by detecting how the calls are answered makes. Missed it ignores them , and numbers of employees , and separate lines , answers from fax machines and answering machines and services such as . Just connects calls answered by people waiting for the sales of Representatives. Consequently, the agents free calls unanswered or listen successful.

And predictive student can significantly increase the time you spend as an agent to communicate rather than wait. System is best suited lists of low quality and a large number of agents and high contact rate can overwhelm the system.

And predictive dialing systems are used usually by the participating organizations. Business telemarketing call for consumers as it allows sales reps to have more time to communicate with the client.

The most commonly used predictive dialers as a quick and easy way to automate all types of calls, but this will be done manually via the call center. These include welcome calls for new customers, callbacks, customer service, appointment confirmation or automate a large number of special appeals that could take place (for a taxi company, or parcel delivery service, etc.).