Advantages of Hosted Dialer Technology

Leadsrain offers solutions for hosted option with a predictive dialer and auto dialer system that will help you in many ways.

Before we go into the benefits of using acloud based  hosted dialer, it is important to know exactly how cloud based hosted dialer technology consists of. A hosted dialer uses an advanced adaptive algorithm, Voice Over Internet Protocol and cloud technology to perform a predictive dialer and auto dialer program on the Internet . This means that you do not have any hardware or software to purchase to run a call center campaign. All you have to do is to sign into the site and protect the provider’s servers and keep your data, such as your leads and campaigns.

The advantages of using a hosted dialer system are numerous and include:

Faster connections – Gone are the days when manually select numbers from the phone book to generate leads. Our system uses the predictive dialing and autodial platforms, the number of people you can contact increase. The predictive dialer you can make as many as five calls per agent at the same time, and with the auto dialer you can transfer as many as 5,000 voice messages per minute.

Quality Connections – you’ll be able to make more time for direct talks with customers and leads and significantly minimize your downtime. By not having to worry about how many connections you every day or every hour worrying you and your staff in the position to do so as you improve your interactions and implement the latest strategies to focus at your discretion.

Better Metrics – part of the package you receive from is the ability to see real-time reports via the web – based interface. You can see in real time exactly what is proving to be successful in your campaigns and what needs to be improved.

Lead and Campaign Management – Using the Web – based interface, you can easily manage leads and campaigns from one interface that includes the ability to custom arrangements and much more to create.

Perform non-profit campaigns – The auto-dialer in particular is exceptionally good at it. To come money and awareness for political candidates is one way that you use the system. You can use the program to build awareness and raise funds for your nonprofit organization as well. A voice broadcast campaign can be created for cities, towns and communities to warnings about possible storms or disasters aired on you to protect you and your residents.

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With all the advantages that have a hosted dialer for you, it is amazing that you have not tried before. You can also sign up for an account by today and receive special offers, including 20 % for life, and a free trial account . You do not have to wait for the service either, which is another advantage of a hosted dialer. Within about 24 hours of our receipt of a service request can be executed, call campaigns. Add to that that our facility , commissioning, support and training services are free and you have an unbeatable system.

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