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Ringless Voicemail is an outbound marketing tool that empowers the marketers of Canada with an option to leave a pre-recorded audio message straight to their voicemail box without ringing their cell phone.

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Ringless Voicemail Service

Ringless Voicemail Features

Real Time Insight Reporting

Realtime Campaign Insight

Get Real-time Insight into your campaign on smartly designed Dashboard

High Volume Campaigns

Compatible with High Volume Campaigns

Set up and Run High Volume campaigns in no time

Hight Conversion

High Conversion through Sales Bridge

Easy to Manage Inbound call flow by Integrating Predictive dialer with Ringless voicemail

Integrate with CRMs

Easy to Integrate with CRMs

Keep all your desired CRMs around with API based Integration

Phone Scrubbing

Inbuilt Cell Phone Scrubbing

Scrub and upload only Cell phone numbers from your list with hassle-free Inbuilt Scrubber

Easy to manage opt-out

Easy to Manage Opt-out

Manage Opt-out smartly to avoid unwanted outreach to an incurious audience

Straight to Voicemail

Ringless Voicemail

Straight to Voicemail is a technology that enables marketers to reach their target audience directly to their voicemail to deliver the pre-recorded audio message with zero disturbance during their busy time. No Ring Straight to Voicemail service can boost your team’s productivity by not wasting time listening to the answering machine and manually leaving voicemails.

How Ringless Voicemail Drop Works?

  • Upload your Voicemail recording and Create Campaign

  • Automatically Scrub Mobile numbers from your list and upload them to the Lead package

  • Campaign gets Activated Automatically at Scheduled Time

  • Drops Voicemail straight to their Voicemail box without any associated Ring.

Ringless Voicemail

Tour the Ringless Voicemail Service

Here is an insight to the LeadsRain’s Ringless Voicemail dashboard. It is worth mentioning that our clients have called it the most user-friendly platform they have ever come across.

3 Simple steps to run your campaign:

  • Upload the list
  • Upload the voice message.
  • Start a campaign

At the end of your campaign, you will also be shown the success rate that tells you the number of leads that you managed to reach out to, and how many from the list were not reached.

Popular Appraisals

The LeadsRain system is easy to use, and that's a big deal for us. Of course, the system needs to leave a message on the AM properly, and it does that really well.

Chad M.

Chad M.

I love companies like LeadsRain with great products and customer focused cultures. Their live call options and quick response times are icing on the cake!

Sherry E.

Sherry E.

We approached leadsrain for getting solutions for cold calls, people over there treated us warmly and recommended us to use Ringless voicemail app.

Jackson W.

Jackson W.


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Pricing FAQs

No, Ringless Voicemail only works on Cell phone numbers.
The ideal length of the voicemail should be 30-40 seconds.
Yes, You can schedule a campaign at your convenient future date.
At LeadsRain, We work on Pay per minute charges. For further details, visit the Ringless Voicemail Pricing section.
No, Charges work the same for the USA and Canada. There are no special charges for Canada.
No, you need not install anything. LeadsRain offers a Cloud-based Platform. You only require a computer and a good internet connection.
You can upload data with a CSV file or You can push it into the system through CRM.
It’s not bounded with any specific industry, any marketer can use the service, but mostly it’s preferred by the marketers of Real Estate, Life and Health Insurance, Health and Wellness, Mortgage, etc..
Yes, We can Integrate with any CRM through Restful APIs. To know more, contact our support team at support@leadsrain.com
Yes, we do provide Local Caller IDs at an additional cost of $10 per number per month to create a local presence.

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