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About the affiliate program

LeadsRain’s affiliate program stands to give those home-based, data vendors, motivational speakers, and others opportunists a chance to earn a residual income.

Affiliate partnership allows influencers on various platforms to exercise their influence over the mass, and in return for their service, earn some returns on the side.

Reseller Benefits :

Monthly Usage

$0 to $2,000





$0 to $2,000


$2,000 to $5,000


$5,000 & Above


Your residual income will be credited once the client uses his credits. So the commission will be the respective percentage on the usage and not the purchase. We calculate the usage on a monthly basis, however, you may be able to withdraw the amount on a weekly, or a bi-weekly basis depending on the amount credited to you after the usage. The lowest an affilaite can withdraw is $100.

Note : Complete Online, On-call & On chat support will be provided by LeadsRain regarding any issues on your client end.

how to be an affiliate partner


Register with LeadsRain through the “join now” form


Pick a service that you would like to market


LeadsRain will provide a URL for you. This URL will identify the sales made through your reference.


What makes a great affiliate partner for us:

An active social media account

Or A strong network

Communication skills that are just out of the world

A thorough understanding of LeadsRain's services.

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