How Cloud based Predictive Dialer Works?

A predictive dialer is essentially a computerized telephone system for call centers designed to connect sales agents to potential customers that the software calls automatically. When the phone industry started Computer Integration (late 1990), have created the auto dialer software applications to automatically dial telephone numbers to call center agents who hoped connected the next customer.

A predictive dialer goes a step beyond auto dialer software by using algorithms to analyze call statistics and the performance of call center agents to predict when the next agent will be available. Therefore, the adjustment rate called leads. The objective is to minimize the downtime of the call center agents and get more sales.

Statistics show that the call center agents increase their sales by phone time 20 minutes per hour, on average, to just less than fifty minutes per hour. This is done to save the agent dialing numbers, waiting for the phone to ring and it is no answer or answering systems.

How does the Predictive Dialer system Work?

A list of phone numbers is loaded from a database in the system. The system starts making calls and gathering statistics to make their predictions and increase efficiency.

In general, the software will track everything from statistics meets agents call time statistics and establish a relationship of agent -to- call available between “1.5 to 1” and “2-1 “. In other words, about two numbers are dialed for each agent, “soon to be available.” If the predictive dialer software on estimates and brand very few numbers, the agents sit idle. If more than esteem and makes many calls, customers are going to say “Hello” a few times, and hang or predictive dialer will drop the call.

Some of the software collects statistics to optimize this delicate balance are listed below:

  • Number of telephone lines available
  • Rates current call connection (i.e., the probability of calls answered against busy, no answer, fax/machines, voice mail dropped calls and network)
  • The call connection rates average in the recent past (during the day and the time of day)
  • The agent connection time average (average talk time and the average time to enter the relevant data)
  • Geographic location called
  • The smaller the box ‘ of call center agents, most likely the predictive dialer system “miss the mark” in matching calls to available agents.

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