Prop Up Marketing Strategies with Cloud PPC Call Tracking & Routing

Espouse Hosted PPC Call Tracking & Routing To Amplify Your Business Profits

Are you looking for a useful service that enhances and elevates your business marketing operations?

LeadsRain's Cloud PPC Call Tracking and Routing Service is an ideal solution that braces up enterprises, organizations and rapidly-growing companies with call analytics as well as automations. PPC Call Tracking and Routing services provides us a glimpse of visibility in real-time for phone traffic returned. It gives good judgment of Content, AdWord, Call Data and Other Marketing Channels which convert visitors to phone leads. Also, it meticulously brings to you with complete visitor's activity. With this information on hand, one can manage the productive inputs while cutting down the under performer marketing promotions.

Cloud Based Call Tracking

By using the cloud platform, an organization can set itself free from spending excess capital, which can be used for more prolific work rather accommodating with physical hardware. Not using such software, many a times prove to be fatal for your business. As without reverse tracking, one would be unaware of low rewarding assets, which can lead the campaign to a big failure. Moreover, Call Routing Service serves quick and effective diversion of the calls towards the employee with a special skill-set as per the availability, proficiency and call volumes. Powerful, boosting and well evaluated services were not your case till date, but with the advent of LeadsRain's hosted PPC Call Tracking and Routing Service everything is feasible.

Exquisite Features Of Our Hosted PPC Call Tracking & Routing:

  • Assign unique numbers that can track every marketing strategy
  • Analysis of Real-Time call tracking data
  • Integrate call data with Google AdWords & Analytics
  • Personalized Modification of call Routing
  • Incorporation of tracked data into a future test run

With least investment in exclusive PPC call tracking and routing tool, the business will not just be able to sustain the competition but would lead the run.

The Advantages Of Our Cloud Based PPC Call Tracking & Routing:

  • Helps you manage SEO & PPC campaigns with an eye
  • Set and track KPIs and measure progress
  • List of trackable client contact numbers
  • Feedback recipiency facility
  • Analyzation of data for possible visiting customers
  • Poor performer deduction
  • Selection of the best channel, improving business opportunities
  • Decrease in investment on hardware installation
  • Hugely improves Return On Investment
  • Inclusion in Business systems through Web APIs
  • Top Rewarding campaign content identification

If you have any queries regarding Cloud based PPC Call Tracking and Routing, give us a shout.