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Telesales scripts


A well written and executed script can make a huge difference between losing a prospective customer and making a sale. But is coming up and preparing a script enough?

Of course not! The way you use it matters a lot.

It is up to the LeadGen company whether they allow their employees to modify and throw in some words of their choice or not.

What is the ideal method? How can you improve customer satisfaction – by improving a strict script technique viz a viz by adopting a personalized and less strict method?

Need not to worry! We at LeadsRain evaluated both the methods and compared them in order to provide you a clear understanding which will help you in making a more informed decision regarding the use of sales scripts.

So let’s get started!

The pros of using strict scripts in your business are:

  • Avoid human error

Agents can use scripts to minimize the chances of drifting to irrelevant topics when dealing with customers. This saves them a lot of time that would have otherwise been wasted when they use personalized scripts.

  • Promote consistency

You rest assured that the client will get a similar response when they contact your business, regardless of which agent talks to them. Such consistency is required to ensure that customers have a unique yet similar experience with your brand.

  • Increase agent confidence

With a ready to use guide, agents will spend more time in listening to the customer and exploring the opportunities there, instead of worrying or formulating how to respond to their queries. This will ultimately boost their confidence as well as productive engagement with customers per interaction.

  • Reduce training time

Agents can learn about the company’s policies and procedures through the scripts and spend less time in training or reciting phrases. This will not only save time but also saves money and resources on training expenses.

  • Increase contact center performance and customer satisfaction

A good script is always a work in progress. By constantly reviewing and monitoring how the top performing agents handle calls, you can include some of their best practices into the scripts. In addition to this, you can also use these practices to educate lower performing agents, which can boost customer satisfaction rate.

  • Integrate with your system

Scripts are easier to integrate with systems such as IVR and PBX, which help customers access information about your business at the same time ensuring that you respond to their needs accordingly, this is something that can be foregone when using personalized scripts technique.

“It is to be noted that scripts are a good guide, but what is of importance is that you ensure customers feel like they are heard and understood. In order to achieve this, agents should be in a position to rephrase, rearrange or sometimes even go beyond the write-up if necessary. Is this possible when agents follow strict scripts?”

The cons of using strict phrases instead of personalized ones:

  • May minimize customer retention rate

You need to foster a long-term relationship with your customers. This can be achieved by providing effective assistance. Even though you timely respond to calls but it doesn’t count for much if you cannot solve the client’s issue. According to a study, customers are always willing to pay more and wait longer to have their issues take care of.

Consider a situation where agents just follow scripts word to word with no room to provide effective response and flexibility to individual problems.

This will result in client’s dissatisfaction and in turn, lower customer retention.

  • May dehumanized experienced agents

Scripts minimize agents’ empathy which is required for customer service calls, especially when they have to deal with whatever complaint a customer be having regarding your business. Instructing the agent to read script word to word can possibly hinder the interaction with customers, add dialogues that aren’t necessary or maybe something ever worse. This can negatively affect the customer experience.

  • Require regular updates

If you want your agents to be effective and relevant, you have to keep updating phrases, so you have to use resources like labor and capital constantly for scripting. Scripts need to be changed when you launch a new product or offer which requires more resources, an expenditure that can simply be avoided by adopting personalized scripts.

And that’s it! Now you know the advantage and disadvantages of having strict scripts. But that’s not the end as this topic is debatable. To run a business successfully, you need to keep updating regularly. Measure the relevance of the scripts based on their benefits and the risk associated with both. Be careful, only make a decision after a critical review or find a way to compromise the two methods.

Let us know if you need help writing a sales script for your business. LeadsRain offers you a Cloud-based predictive dialer solution at pay-per-minute pricing. We have an outstanding customer satisfaction team working round the clock for your support. You can call us on 844-ON-CLOUD or drop us an email at and our team will get back to you.