As the development is increasing in the business world , different business organizations will struggle to find a middle way to save costs while offering integrated services to customers. The evolution of the cloud has introduced the zeal among businesses find IT solutions business to reduce costs while adding flexibility to your existing channel. Communication is one of those areas that can help businesses , especially smaller spread its global presence , while its dispersion interaction network to destinations worldwide . The channel business phone today is advancing at a rapid pace and is the leading VoIP driver communication this race .

Given market statistics, modern VoIP business is covering 120 million subscribers today and is expected to grow manifolds figures in the coming years . Growth is , of course, dominated by the profitable adoption of the system , but there is another reason that has been surging through the years and this includes the use of SIP trunks. In simple words , we can say that the combination of media and VoIP on the transmission channel Internet is interspersed with full protection offered by Protocol Session Initiation and this data is delivered smoothly to the other end you need be equipped with PBX that supports SIP -based Unified Communications as a complement.

Hosted PBX VoIP has been beating success through the years because of the following reasons that made affordable and beneficial system to meet the needs of most of the market for telecommunications virtual PBX :

– Provision of a system that works similarly to the IP based PBX mode premise with almost all the functionality that support
– The organization of the whole enterprise can be managed from one location even though the offices are scattered geographically
– Integration without any restrictions, ie with POTS , ISDN, cellular phones and PC using VoIP
– The expense of maintaining a huge system for communication is eliminated and costs for system maintenance also vanish
– Hosted scalability provided by this interface to get the most number of extensions such as the number of employees that prevents loss of capital and operational resources.

– Mobility embodying business to get instant access from anywhere, anytime and through any media

These few points have strengthened the backbone Hosted VoIP PBX drastically. The results are visible through increased annual revenue by 33 % and increased individual users by 44 % by the end of 2011. SIP growth even more . There has been no increase of over 100 % in the number of SIP subscribers worldwide and the numbers are expected to grow manifold to multiply until the end of 2017. The growth of hosted PBX systems indicates the growth of globalization with the rapid change of SMEs to a vast channel without the need to invest a lot of money and time in the system configuration. It is expected that the curve of this graph to grow at an impressive pace in the coming years , while the PSTN is facing a contraction in the same proportion.

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