Hosted PBX System for My Business Needs

If your company has a business for your hosted PBX phone system solution? If your company is facing one of the challenges listed below, you might consider a hosted PBX solution rather purchase a system based on principle:

• The phones of your business are aging and in need of upgrade and replacement

• Your current system is in place for the renewal of the lease

• Your company is planning to move

• Your company has multiple location which may include mobile workers

• Your business is struggling to get financing lease

• You want to reduce costs, improve redundancy and reduce the time it takes your staff to manage your phones.

If you fall into one of the categories above, there are many reasons to go with a hosted PBX solution, and here are some of the best. Of course, if you have any questions, you should talk to a PBX expert!

Save time and money

Businesses are increasingly opting for a hosted IP phone system and hosted business-class call centers. What for? Because not only can be hosted telephony a more profitable option, cloud based telephony often reduce your monthly communication costs while eliminating the capital necessary to buy new equipment.

Outsource the management of your system and network

You can avoid having to deal with service problems and finger pointing that often occurs when you try to understand where failure or a transmission problem can be come. Is your phone system? The network? The local exchange? With a hosted phone system, you can give this work to a team of network and security professionals who monitor and manage your service 24 × 7.

Built-in Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity

The nature of off-site hosted PBX means that your business continues to operate regardless of what happens to your physical location. Instead of having to install expensive backup network, you can allow your hosting company to provide the high level of redundancy that your business needs.

Additional Features and Enhancements

There are many features and enhancements that can be added to your hosted phone system, which, again, eliminating the need to purchase and manage the equipment on site. This will both reduce costs and free up valuable staff time is spent on the configuration, management and resolution of these characteristics.

Here are some examples:

• Unified Messaging (voice / fax messaging in the email)

• Auto Attendant

• Management Center calls and recording

• Integration of Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Act! etc.

So there you have it, a bunch of reasons and justifications for why your company should consider for your business hosted PBX communication solution.

For more information about how Cloud Based Auto Dialer, Voice Broadcasting Software, Call Center Software and Hosted IVR may work for your small business, visit the

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