Hosted PBX Provider

When setting up of VoIP in your business there is always this mental unrest regarding the use of SIP trunk lines or hosted PBX systems. Before you decide to make that choice, it is important to find out what exactly these concepts are related and what are the pros and cons of each of the two options.

SIP Trunk Line Provider

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) connection lines are the alternatives to the use of the PSTN. The implementation of this channel allows the use of existing PSTN – based telephone channel with Internet-based VoIP technology. The use of this technology does not call for the replacement of long-running copper wires with Internet lines for communication. The traditional telephone systems can be connected with an ATA. This device is used, analog signals during outgoing calls and digitally convert analog to digital while incoming calls.

When assigning SIP trunks with the POTS lines, have business enterprises to maintain an on-site PBX system in your office. Although the use of SIP call reduces the cost, but the implementation of this premise system incur significant capital and operating costs. Moreover, the improvements in the technology must be continually upgraded for the existing system. These improvements may be in the form of software or hardware, and thus, call for additional spending.

Hosted PBX providers

This is more of a concept and not as a system, as it exists from a distance and the customer does not need to set up in his office nothing. Hosted PBX providers hire the functionality of this massive system, to cater to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses that cannot afford the implementation of on-premise system. The users usually need a secure Internet connection with good speed and communication medium.

You can three business phone options for implementing hosted telecommunications interface for channeling your calls have. However, this does not mean that it requires additional effort. The phone can be set of requirements on the choice of the following types:

– If your company requires the use of Internet and PCs is the best option to use the Internet lines with Hosted PBX VoIP phones are connected. Here you will find a small amount to invest in this system.

– If you run all the PCs on your use of enterprise and Internet is inevitable, there is no need for additional equipment. Soft phones are downloaded to the PC, the settings can be configured, and calls can be made.

– For mobile working group working in remote areas, the calls can be made ​​and received on the mobile phone as well. Hosted PBX providers offer mobile dialer that can be used on phones, 3G or Wi -Fi internet and calling from there are carried out .

Which one to choose?

Whether a Hosted PBX provider or SIP Trunk provider is beneficial for your business can only be determined after analysis of the current requirements and the expected growth rate. Before taking this decision, the following questions should be answered:

– What are your first requirements in relation to the number of telephone lines, telephone numbers required and the budget that you plan for this change?

– What are the functions that you use in your business phone system?

– What is the expected future growth?

– Are you sure that you stay with your current office location?

For business organizations, have the needs of small and low- budget along with doubts about their office location, can be a viable choice Hosted PBX services. For those who start with small requirements have but plan to expand soon, is the best option to take hosted services for a small time and then buy on-premise system with SIP trunks. For those who seem great goal at the beginning of an on-premise PBX are connected to SIP trunks to be the best choice.

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