Advanced Call Routing through Cloud based Hosted PBX Technology

An important advantage of hosted PBX systems offered is the ability latest company without physical hardware offers that in their premises to upgrade.

On-site PBX systems are designed to fit traditional way of conducting business. Previously, all of your employees to come to her office at the same time, work for a certain number of hours and then leave. Few companies no longer operate in this way.

Organizations often have staffed who. From home or while traveling It could be scattered personnel across the country or around the world, accept with many having more than one type of device capable of calls. Hosted PBX systems offer advanced call routing features that can accommodate such scenarios .

First A number that many devices

Traditional systems bind numbers on certain land-line phones and employees have to be near her , to receive calls . Assign Hosted systems telephone numbers to people, then let the system know the devices for their calls. This gives your phone system tremendous power and flexibility. Staff can answer calls on their mobile phone or computer or even the landline. Incoming calls can by business employees who are taken from their home or from those who work in remote locations.

While employees can work from anywhere, the customer experience is unchanged. Callers can still hear your customized company greeting, your main business number call them and can use the same extension numbers you are used to. The call is then forwarded to whatever the employee unit using.

Second Advanced call routing and transfers

Hosted PBX systems can time-based configurations to support calls. Employees can a particular device to only ring on weekdays specify. Or a list of devices that should ring on certain days. The system can also try to call the devices one by one until the employee responses or route callers to their voice mail. Your employees will never miss a business call because they were not in their usual location available.

Sometimes the caller must be done to someone else in society. Hosted systems allow your employees to transfer calls to anywhere in the system : another employee / department, an external number , or place them in voicemail, so that they can receive their information.

Cloud PBX systems are designed to be flexible so that they can better work with state organizations and can easily adapt to changing business requirements.

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