Voice Broadcasting Systems enables you to record any message and broadcast it.

Reach thousands of customers at the same time.

Voice transmission system has simplified many tasks that a call center would otherwise have to perform. In addition to sales or telemarketing and customer service, call centers perform many other tasks. The most common ones are welcome calls, notification calls, reminder calls, collection calls and also some generic customer survey calls to assess if the company is delivering up to the expectations of the customer.

Interactive voice response systems had simplified inbound customer service long time back and voice broadcasting does exactly that when a company needs to reach its large base of customers. With an ideal voice broadcasting solution, you can reach thousands of customers at the same time with the same message without any human intervention.

With our voice broadcasting services, you can attend to several requisites at your business without having the need to incur a hefty investment or bearing colossal recurring expenses on staffs and other infrastructure. An ideal voice broadcasting solution is not one that can only make mass calls to convey a message to your targeted customers or prospective leads but one that offers many more intelligent services.

The voice broadcasting software from LeadsRain is capable of handling voice messages of any length, can dial as less or as many numbers you wish to subject to a pre-configuration and generate all the analytical and statistical information which you would need to assess the campaign once it is in progress and when it culminates.

  • Our voice broadcasting solution enables you to record any message and broadcast it to any phone number, landline or mobile, in your city, state, across the nation or to other countries as well.
  • The voice broadcasting software you get access to, is not just an automated broadcaster but has the ability to detect answering machines and can segregate it from human responses. Upon detection of an answering machine, the voice broadcasting software can be preset to either convey the message before the call is truncated by the answering machine or to end the call at the outset due to absence of human response.
  • With our voice broadcasting systems, you can also take advantage of interactive voice response systems wherein your customers can be prompted for options and they can interact live on the broadcast with the voice broadcasting software. This is a priceless asset to have when you wish to record customer feedback, conduct a survey or generate leads as a presale initiative.

A voice broadcasting solution can be a dynamic game changer for your business in more ways than one.